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About Me.


I am a clinical social worker with over 8 years of therapeutic experience working with children, teens, and families in the non-profit sector. Prior to this I worked as an assistant teacher in an early childhood center, social worker in hospital advocacy and foster care agency in Kansas.


I have spent the last few years of my career supporting individuals and families on their journey of “who am I?” and “ who are WE?”

My therapy services provide a space for individuals and/or families to explore these facets of themselves and integrate their lived experiences while fostering hope and connection in the present and future. 


When we experience too much, too soon, too fast and/or not enough for too long it impacts our ability to feel heard, be seen and feel valued through connection. Therapy offers a space in which these parts can express themselves allowing for internal shifts that have an impact on how the world is navigated. Embracing who we are takes tremendous bravery and compassion. 

Here is a bit about me and my views on therapy:


Whether I am working with an adult, teenager, or child my approach will be individualized, meeting each person where they are through a collaborative approach. I believe that when we reach within ourselves, our support systems and community, we often find an innate ability to heal which are resiliency factors that can be built upon. 


As a play therapist, I see behavior as ways of communication used to express underlying needs. My role is to assist in the process of exploring and addressing underlying motivations underneath behavior in the individual and family context. I am a firm believer when we incorporate play we are brought to life which is crucial in the healing process of any age.


"The opposite of play is not work- the opposite of play is depression" -Dr. Stuart Brown 


Play is our vitality, a birthplace of creativity, imagination and joy. A human right.  


I respect and value the short-term therapy process; a place where you may need some immediate support and a place to piece some life changing events together. Transition into a long-term therapy process can be explored on a desire/need basis as it lends itself to reaching within and peeling layers of self back further.


Choosing a therapist is a very personal decision and it is a client's right to determine who is part of their healing journey. I offer a free 20-30minute phone consultation to determine if my services are a good fit for your needs. I am a strong believer and advocate for individuals exploring and being intentional with their choice. If I am not a good fit, I will provide other resources within the city to assist you and your family in finding different options.


I currently have opening for Caregiver- Child virtual sessions ages 0-6yrs. 


I have integrated a variety of therapeutic modalities into my practice and have received specialized training or certification in specific areas. I am trained in Level I Theraplay, Synergetic Play Therapy, Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT).


Please see below for certifications that have been obtained. Certification indicates a commitment and pursue of specialized approaches with ongoing supervision and clinical application. 

Education & Licensing ​

  • Master of Science in Clinical Social Work with an emphasis in Families

  • Bachelor of Family Studies and Human Services

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Missouri

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Kansas

  • Registered Play Therapist (RPT)


Additional Certifications 

  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) 

  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EGALA) 

  • Certified Yoga Teacher 

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